De publicaties uit 2017 en 2021 zijn ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

At a ISPS conference in Liverpool in 2017, I presented this article. It is about how I have, from my own life story, come to see what psychosis is, and what would be the best way for professional healthcare, society, and people themselves to deal with psychosis. I showcase my postpartum period as an example of how we have put the lessons learned into practice.

The ISPS conference afterwards (Netherlands, 2019), I presented another article about the imporance of ‘the will’ (drive, ambition, zest) in experiences related to psychosis.

Here I show an intermezzo about my postpartum period. This year, I have presented it at the webinar ‘Moeder op Drift’ (Mother Adrift) of the Stichting Psychiatrie en Filosofie and ISPS. I give insight in how I related to the world in a special manner during the first two weeks of the postpartum period.